Single Award

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

Program 3978

Computer Science is the study of computational systems, and encompasses the fundamental areas of algorithms, data structures and computer structures, as well as specialised areas. The program is flexible enough that students can combine the study of computing with some other discipline, or can concentrate entirely on computing.

The Computer Science program is arranged around a core of courses designed to acquaint you with the fundamental principles so that you can easily adapt to changing computing practices. The core material is supplemented by a wide choice of elective material from other disciplines. Possible electives include mathematics, physics, information systems and other business courses, electrical engineering, and courses from the humanities, for example.

Program Structure


  • UOC denotes Units of Credit, a measure of the amount of work required in a course;
  • Review all courses in the handbook for information on assumed knowledge and requisites;
  • Some courses are offered twice per year and may be taken in either semester;
  • This program structure is a guide only.  Students may take courses in any order as long as requistes are observed.
COMP1917 Computing 1  6 -
COMP1927 Computing 2 - 6
Higher Mathematics 1A or
Mathematics 1A
6 -
Higher Mathematics 1B or
Mathematics 1B
- 6
MATH1081 Discrete Mathematics 6 -
  Electives 6 12
COMP2911 Engineering Design in Computing 6 -
COMP2121 Microprocessors & Interfacing 6 -
COMP2041 Software Construction - 6
  Electives 24
  General Education 6
COMP4920 Management and Ethics - 6
  Year 3/4 Computer Science Electives 30
  Electives 6
  General Education 6


Electives are selected from any other discipline where pre-requisites are met. Students should observe the following restrictions:

  • Students are not permitted to complete more than 30 UoC of First Year electives.
  • Students proceeding to the Honours year must take at least 30 UoC level 3 courses.
  • Students can do any COMP3xxx, COMP4xxx , and COMP9xxx courses to meet their Year 3/4 Computer Science Electives requirements if they meet the pre-requisites for that course.
  • Courses designed for General Education, those starting with GEN, are not permitted to be taken as electives.

Full list of available COMP courses.


The flexibility of the Computer Science Program allows specialisations within the program such as Robotics and Computer Games. You can therefore major in the following areas:

COMPA1 Computer Science 
COMPG1 Computer Game Design & Construction 
COMPI1 Artificial Intelligence 
COMPH1 Human Computer Interaction
COMPR1 Robotics 
COMPE1 Electronic Commerce 
COMPN1 Computer Networks 
COMPD1 Database Systems  

Click through for full details of these majors.

With the approval of the Program Director, students in this program wishing to fulfil the requirements for a major in a second science discipline, as well as the Computer Science requirements, may substitute a course from the other discipline for one of the level 3/4 computing electives.

General Education

UNSW wants all students to develop skills in a broad range of areas, not just in their specific study discipline, and so students in all degrees are required to undertake a number of general studies courses outside their discipline. Students should select courses from outside the Faculty of Engineering and in disciplines that are not available in their program as core courses.

See UNSW on General Education for more information.

Year 4 Honours (optional)

Computer Science Honours takes one year full-time or two years part-time of study. Normally, students are expected to have attained an average mark of 65 (according to the myUNSW calculations) to qualify for entry to the honours year. Students who do not meet this expectation may be admitted in special circumstances.

Students who have graduated with a three year computer science degree from the University of NSW or another university can apply for admission to honours.

Detailed information about the program is available on the Honours website.