Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence

A Methodological and Computational Analysis

by Achim Hoffmann, Springer-Verlag, August 1998

ISBN 981-3083-97-2

Table of Contents
Pt. I. The Symbolic Paradigm

Ch. 1. Foundations of the Symbolic Paradigm
Ch. 2. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Ch. 3. Expert Systems
Ch. 4. Symbolic Learning
Ch. 5. Summary of the Symbolic Paradigm

Pt. II. The Connectionist Paradigm

Ch. 6. Foundations of the Connectionist Paradigm
Ch. 7. Connectionist Computing Models
Ch. 8. Integrating Symbols into Connectionist Models
Ch. 9. Summary of the Connectionist Paradigm

Pt. III. Methodological Analysis of the Two Paradigms

Ch. 10. Formal Foundations
Ch. 11. Levels of Description
Ch. 12. The Notion of 'Symbols'
Ch. 13. Computational Limitations of Connectionist Architectures
Ch. 14. Methodological Discussion
Ch. 15. Non-Factual Knowledge
Ch. 16. Conclusions

App. A. More Details on Logic
App. B. Technical Details and Proofs for Chapter 13
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