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Preparation and Submission of Final Camera-Ready Copy

Please submit your final paper version as soon as possible after taking the reviewers comments into account in order to allow proper checking for printability. Latest submission date August 7, 2005.

The Proceedings of Discovery Science 2005 will be published by Springer as volume LNCS3735 in their Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series which is part of the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science edited by Achim Hoffmann, Hiroshi Motoda, and Tobias Scheffer. All final camera-ready copies should be sent via electronic mail.

Please follow the instructions given by Springer-Verlag when preparing your final version. Manuscripts that do not conform to the formatting instructions will not be included in the proceedings by the publisher.

LaTeX2e, LaTeX, TeX, and Microsoft Word Macros for preparing the camera-ready versions of the manuscript are available on line at:


Please follow the link for LNCS Authors and use the Macros provided for ``Proceedings and Other Multi-Author Volumes'' in preparing your manuscripts. You are strongly encouraged to use LaTeX2e, since this will considerably facilitate the preparation of the proceedings and their on-line version.

The PAGE LIMIT in the proceedings is as follows:

  • Long Paper: 14 PAGES.
  • Regular Paper: 8 PAGES.
  • Project Summary Paper: 3 PAGES.
The limits are strict. However, up to 2 extra pages can be purchased for LONG and REGULAR papers only. S$150 per page needs to be paid together with the registration fee by Friday, August 5. This can be done not by using the online registration but rather by printing the registration form and filling in the details for the pages under 'other'. The form can then be faxed so that a credit card can be charged.

What you need to submit?

We need the source files (LaTeX files with all the associated style files, special fonts and eps or bib files, or Word or rtf files) and the final pdfs. Separately a signed copyright form needs to be faxed to Achim Hoffmann on +61-2-9385-5995. The source files are needed to insert running heads, final page numbers and a reference line at the bottom of the first page of each paper, and also to smooth out any capitalization and formatting inconsistencies. The final pdfs are needed for checking purposes. When sending the postscript-file, make sure that it will be printable in 600 dpi.

Your camera-ready copy should be submitted as soon as possible but no later than on August 7, 2005.
Unfortunately, due to changes in the publishers schedule, there would be no time left for any corrections, after August 7, 2005 in case your file does not print properly. In such a case, we might need to exclude your paper from the proceedings.  Hence submission as soon as possible is highly recommended.

Please send all files (preferably in a zip or tar archive file (can be compressed by gzip)) via email to the following two addresses as soon as possible:

achim at cse.unsw.edu.au


scheffer at informatik.hu-berlin.de

In case your archive containing all files is larger than 1MB, we prefer if you make the archive available for download and send us the URL instead. Finally, the copyright form needs to be faxed to Achim Hoffmann on +61-2-9385-5995. Please send also an e-mail to achim at cse.unsw.edu.au to inform that the copyright form has been faxed.