Infos for Postgraduate Student Progress Reviews

For the preparation of your review, please download this MS Word document or here in rtf format and fill in your content in the empty slot using MS Word. To give you an idea how that will look like, you can compare the example `fillings' here in MS Word format or here in rtf format.
You find more information on the review process here.

General Information about the reviews for 2000/2001.

Scheduled to take place late January or early February 2001.


(This is mainly for general information - only those who feel ready for the review should act soon. Otherwise you will receive another email later this year asking you to prepare your progress report.) For more infos on the review process etc. see also Bill Wilson's page at "".

I am writing to you in the function of the chair of the Postgraduate Research Progress Review Committee of the AI Department.

The purpose of this committee is to keep track of the progress each of you is achieving during your studies. The committee targets at identifying possibly existing problems and at identifying appropriate means for resolving them.

The first action of the committee is to hold a review meeting with each of you. Another meeting will take place between the committee and your supervisor(s). This will be done at least twice throughout the first two years of your enrolment to ensure consistent progress over the initial period of your studies. Potential problems are expected to be most likely during the first two years.

The reasons for that are:

In preparation of this meeting, I ask you to give a short statement on the current situation of your research. To make this as painless as possible for you, I prepared an electronic form to fill in. The form is pretty much self-explanatory and provided in a separate mail.

Please do not consider this as an extra hurdle you have to take for doing your degree. It is rather conceived to help you in your progress. To fill in the form which I provide in a separate mail should not take much more than one hour.

Please send the filled form to me by email as soon as you are ready - a definite deadline will be set later this year, as by than we have to conduct the interviews. Send lso a copy to your supervisor for comments. (Of course, without the confidential comments section!!) Your supervisors will be asked to comment on the form.

You may add confidential information for the committee as indicated in the forms. Alternatively, you may speak to the review committee in confidence. Confidential information is only for the particular committee dealing with your review. I.e. those where I am involved as Supervisor or Co-Supervisor please do not include your confidential comments in your return mail to me. Rather wait until the particular committee is set up for you and forward your comments to the respective committee chair.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Chair of AI-Department's Postgraduate Research Progress Review Committee

P.S.: Please feel free to contact me in case of any questions or comments.