List of accepted papers for presentation at PKAW 2000

Overall 19 papers have been accepted for presentation at PKAW 2000.
In addition to that there will be 2 invited lectures by Brian Gaines and Mildred Shaw.

Furthermore, there will be 3 invited lectures for ALT'00 on learning, by
William Cohen (Whizbang Labs.),
Tom Dietterich (Oregon State Univ.) and
Osamu Watanabe (Tokyo Inst. Tech.).

These lectures will be scheduled for the attendance of ALT and PKAW 2000 participants.

The following papers are listed in alphabetic order of their first authors.

Towards order independent incremental KA
Ghassan Beydoun, Rex B. H. Kwok and Achim Hoffmann

Large Margin Vector Quantisation
Lawrence Buckingham, Shlomo Geva

Ontology Construction from Knowledge Acquisition
Lin-Li Chen and Christine Chan

Simulating expertise
Paul Compton

Predicate Logic-based Incremental KA
Barry Drake and Ghassan Beydoun

Linguistic Rule Extraction From a Simplified RBF Neural Network
Xiuju Fu and Lipo Wang

SAMOVAR - Knowledge capitalisation in the automobile industry aided by ontologies
Joanna Golebiowska

Towards the use of case properties for maintaining case-based reasoning systems
Ioannis Iglezakis and Christina E. Anderson

Acquiring Both Taxonomic and Non-Taxonomic Conceptual Relationships using a Machine Readable Dictionary and Domain-Specific Texts
Takamasa Iwade and Takahira Yamaguchi

Pattern-based Development of Software Agents Based on Ontologies and PSM Library
Noriaki Izumi and Takahira Yamaguchi

Sampling for approximate reduct in very large data sets
Hu Keyun, Diao Lili, Lu Yuchang, Shi Chunyi

Developing a Domain-Specific Information Retrieval Mechanism
Mi Hye Kim, Paul Compton

Development of an environment for building ontologies which is based a fundamental consideration of "relationship" and "role"
Kouji Kozaki, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Misturu Ikeda, and Riichiro Mizoguchi

From Information Search towards Knowledge and Skill Acquisition with SASS
Toshiro Minami and Mitsuru Oda

A Library of Components for Classification Problem Solving
Enrico Motta and Wenjin Lu

Knowledge Formalization Patterns
Frank Puppe

Reconciling Conflicting Sources of Expertise: A Case Study
Debbie Richards

Link-based page acquisition for semi-automated Web director
Hiroshi Tsuda, Takanori Ugai, Kazuo Misue

Integrating Inductive Learning and Knowledge Acquisition in the Ripple Down Rules Method
Takuya Wada, Tadashi Horiuchi, Hiroshi Motoda and Takashi Washio