20th Australasian Database Conference

Wellington, New Zealand, 2009
TBC 20 - 23 January


in conjunction with Australasian Computer Science Week, Jan 20 - Jan 23, 2009

Accepted Papers

1. Jesus Bobadilla and Francisco Serradilla. The Incidence of Sparsity on

Collaborative Filtering Metrics

2. Jayson Speer, Markus Kirchberg, Faizal Riaz-ud-Din and Klaus-Dieter

Schewe. Solving the Golden Transaction Problem for ARIES-based

Multi-level Recovery

3. Raymond Lister and Ilona Box. A Citation Analysis of the ADC 2006 -

2008 Proceedings, with Reference to the CORE Conference and Journal


4. Stephan Hagemann and Gottfried Vossen. ActiveTags: Making tags more

useful anywhere on the Web

5. Bela Stantic and Prapassara Pupunwiwat. Unified Q-ary Tree for RFID

Tag Anti-Collision Resolution

6. Sri Devi Ravana and Alistair Moffat. Score Aggregation Techniques in

Retrieval Experimentation

7. Edward Stanley, Pavle Mogin and Peter Andreae. S.E.A.L. - A Query

Language for Entity-Association Queries

8. Irena Mlynkova. On Inference of XML Schema with the Knowledge of an

Incorrect One

9. Ondrej Danko and Tomas Skopal. Elliptic Indexing of Multidimensional


10. Ryan Choi and Raymond Wong. Efficient XQuery Join Processing in

Publish/Subscribe Systems

11. Daisy Daiqin He, Michael Compton, Jian Yang and Kerry Taylor. Access

Control: What is Required in Business Collaboration?

12. Van Tran, Raymond Wong, William K. Cheung and J Liu. Mobile

Information Exchange and Integration: From Query to Application Layer

13. Annika Hinze, Lisa Eschner and Yann Michel. Event-based communication

for location-based service collaboration

14. Md Enamul Kabir and Hua Wang. Conditional Purpose Based Access

Control Model for Privacy Protection

15. Vincent W. L. Tam and John Shepherd. Information retrieval in

structured domain

16. Stefan Bottcher and Rita Hartel. CSC: Supporting Queries on

Compressed Cached XML

17. Xue Li. Ranking-Constrained Keyword Sequence Extraction from Web


Send questions to adc09@cse.unsw.edu.au.