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Jude Angelo Ambrose was born in Jaffna, a city located in the northern part of Sri Lanka. His native language is Tamil. He started his bachelors degree at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 1999. In 2004, he completed his BSc in Computer Engineering with Honours first class. While he was teaching at the Department of Computer Engineering, he was actively involved in the school events and its administration. Dr. Ambrose left Sri Lanka in 2005 for his masters studies. He attained his MSc from the University of Northumbria, United Kingdom. His project work focused in designing secure software architectures for web applications.  After completing his MSc, he started his PhD studies at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Dr. Ambrose pursued his PhD in Computer Engineering in 2009 and his thesis attempts to design systems and processors to combat power analysia based side channel attacks.  He worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Engineering, Technical University of Delft, Netherlands from 2009 to 2011. His main duties were research, teaching and administrating school events. He was part of several European projects, collaborated with prominent embedded system companies such as NXP and Philips. Predictable and Composable MPSoC designs for real time embedded systems was his main focus of research at the school. As of 2011, Dr. Ambrose is employed as a Postdoctoral Research Associate under a joint contract with CiSRA (CANON Research) and the School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia. His main area of research is design automation for embedded systems, including other MPSoC related topics. He is a principal researcher in two research projects of CiSRA.

Research Interests

Real time and secure Embedded Systems
   - Low power Circuits and System Designs
   - Dependable Systems
   - Multimedia and Embedded Systems
   - High Performance Computing (Architectures and Applications)
   - Composable Systems
   - Web applications and security
   - Cryptography
   - Reconfigurable Designs
   - Sensor Networks

Professional Activities

  - Member of the Early Career Research Board at UNSW, representing Faculty of Engineering
  - Member of the Technical Program Committee for MILCOM 2014
  - Member of the Program Committee for ASAP 2014
  - Member of the Program Committee for ISVLSI, 2013
  - Associate Editor, The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 7, Issue 1
  - Member of the Technical Program Committee for ISVLSI, 2012
  - Publications Chair for ASP-DAC 2012
  - Conducted a Workshop on "Rapid MPSoC Design for Embedded Systems" for the ICIIS 2011 conference
  - Publicity Chair for EmbeddedCom 2011
      9th International Symposium on Embedded Computing
  - Member of the Technical Program Committee for ICIIS, 2011
  - Member of the Program Committee for ISVLSI, 2011
  - Web Chair for SAMOS XI, 2011
  - Reviewing papers for several major conferences in Computer Engineering, such as
    ICCAD, DAC, DATE, CODES+ISSS, VLSI, ASPDAC, etc. and journals such as TVLSI,
    TCAD, JPDC, etc.
  - IEEE member

Research Grants

  - UNSW Goldstar ARC 2012 Award, $40,000
  - UNSW Goldstar ARC 2013 Award, $40,000
  - UNSW ECR/FRG (Faculty Research Grant) 2013, $30,000
  - Sri Parameswaran, Andrew Dempster, Oliver Diessel, Ediz Cetin, Jude Angelo Ambrose , "Designing Radiation-Tolerant Reconfigurable Systems for Space", ARC DP 2015 (amount: $340,300 from 2015-2017)


  - Application specific MPSoC synthesis using optimized code partitioning, Australia 2013266988 (filed)
  - Data Encryption System, Australia 2013904459 (provisional)
  - System Dependency Graph to Function-level KPN Generation of Legacy Code for MPSoCs Australia (filed)

Achievements and Awards

  - Best Paper Award for VLSI 2013 paper with Liang Tang
  - Winner of the IEEE iToF 2011 Competition for Early Career Researchers
  - The ICCAD 2013 paper with Tuo Li won the Runner-up Dean's Award @UNSW
  - Rector's Scholarship at St. Patrick's College (Jaffna, Sri Lanka)
  - Mahapola Scholarship for Undergraduate studies (University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)
  - School of Computer Science and Engineering Postgraduate Scholarship (UNSW, Australia)
  - Batch top in second year Undergraduate degree and Masters degree
  - Achieved National Computer Center (NCC) and Australian Computer Society (ACS) qualifications
  - Colorsman in Soccer and Table Tennis at the University of Peradeniya and Colorsman in Cricket and Table Tennis at St. Patrick's College

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