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About Me

I am a PhD scholar at UNSW and DATA61 CSIRO Australia. The driving interest of my research is around security and privacy of Internet of Things (IoT). During the last two years, I've started digging into blockchain and its applications and challenges in IoT. My research interests encompass IoT, blockchain, smart grids, and security and privacy.

Selected publications

LSB: A Lightweight Scalable BlockChain for IoT Security and Privacy

A lightweight blockchain optimized for IoT with key features including: 1) time-based consensus algorithm, 2) Distributed throughput management, 3) Distributed trust, 4) Seperation of data and transaction flow.

MOF-BC: A Memory Optimized and Flexible BlockChain for Large Scale Networks

Given the immutability feature of the blockchain, it will require significant storage space in IoT (with billions of transactions). MOF-BC introduces multiple optimization modes to remove transactions from blockchain. Plus, it enables people to experience the right for their data to be forgotten.

BlockChain: A distributed solution to automotive security and privacy

A study of applications of blockchain in automotive industry. The paper covers wireless software update, flexible insurance usecases, and electric vehicles.

I will give a talk for government blockchain association Sydney chapter titled "Blockchain for IoT".
March 2018