Dr Anna Liu

Associate Professor in Service Engineering

School of Computer Science and Engineering

University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW 2052 Australia

Office building K17, room 431

Telephone +61 (2) 9385 6924

Fax +61 (2) 9385 4071




I am currently an Associate Professor of Services Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia, in the School of Computer Science and Engineering. I am also the Research Leader for Services Aggregation at the Smart Service CRC.

Prior to returning to Academia, I was the Group Manager for Emerging Technologies at Microsoft Australia, managing the all up web strategy and business for Microsoft in Australia, and leading a team of technical specialists focusing on enabling digital innovations using Microsoft Web and Services technologies. Earlier on, I was the Senior Architect Advisor at Microsoft Australia, focusing on envisioning and delivering Service Oriented Architecture solutions for large Enterprises, specialising in addressing enterprise application integration challenges in the financial services domain and the public sector.

I also held Research Leadership and Senior Researcher roles at the CSIRO, at the Mathematical and Information Sciences Division (CMIS), leading a research group in Software Architecture and Component Technologies (SACT). We carried out Middleware Technology Evaluation studies, built performance testing, monitoring and analysis technologies, and provided advisory services for various Australian Government Agencies on Middleware Technology Acquisition processes.

I serve on a number of Research Community committees: ASWEC, APSEC, and as tutorial chairs for ICSE and ICSOC. I also am a regular reviewer for IEEE Software. I also wrote for leading industry publications such as the Microsoft Architect Journal and the Cutter IT Journal. I am also a frequent speaker on matters related to software architecture and cloud computing.

Our team here at UNSW provide Advisory Services and Contract Research in the area of enterprise and software architecture, particularly in the assessment of enterprise readiness, opportunities and risks for cloud computing adoption. We also help organisations with cloud computing migration, adoption and management strategies.

Research Areas

Our team here at UNSW currently carries out basic and applied research in the following areas:

         Software engineering issues in building cloud applications

         Performance evaluation and architecture analysis of cloud application platforms

         Service provisioning strategies and technologies for cloud computing environments

         Enterprise architecture issues around cloud computing opportunities, risks, and adoption strategies

         Software architecture

         Service oriented architecture

         Characterising quality attributes of COTS components forintegration

         Building interoperable software and services

Some of our current projects are:

         Services Aggregation project, as part of the Smart Service Collaborative Research Centre

         Building Interoperable Cloud Applications

         Evaluating Cloud Application Platforms

Research Collaborators

We also have a fantastic group of industry advisors and research partners that support and guide our applied research directions, including Microsoft, SAP Research, Infosys, Queensland State Government, Telstra, ATSE Cloud Computing Working Group, Object Consulting, Longscale.

Prospective Professionals/Researchers/Students

         We currently have research scholarship opportunities for high calibre PhD candidates (WAM > 80)

         We are currently recruiting a (Postdoc/Senior) Research Fellow (Level A/B/C)

         We are also looking for Industry Professionals interested in a residential to spend some time in a research environment to carry out joint applied R&D with us in the area of cloud computing, and potentially engaging in some postgraduate studies towardsa research degree


I maintain a blog at UNSW, where I share my thoughts around the state of art and practice in software architecture, our research teamís latest findings in cloud computing and services engineering, and my personal passion and ideas on bridging the gap between industry and academia, practice and research.

I also serve on the Science Advisory Board of an upcoming cloud computing startup Longscale.