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My current research interests are here.

Recurrent Network Architectures (1991-1995)

This project began as an attempt to teach to neural networks the graphotactic patterns of English words: e.g. that a word can end but not begin with "nd". It developed into a comparison of different recurrent network archictectures for studying problems of this type, where there the possible value of the next item (to be predicted by the network) is constrained by the values of the last few inputs (letters) but not by inputs a long time in the past. For details, see recurrent network publications.

Tensor Product Networks (1991-)

Human Analogical Problem Solving

Applications of formal systems and neural networks in cognitive modelling. This project, in collaboration with Graeme Halford, Department of Psychology, University of Queensland, concerns analogical reasoning and memory processes. A current direction in this work is to use tensor product networks to model capacity and analogical reasoning, and relational processing in humans. For details, see tensor product network publications.

For simple code to solve a proportional analogy problem, see C code for original STAR program. STAR stood for Structured Tensor Analogical Reasoning, as I recall.

Other/Past Projects on Neural Networks (1987-1991)

These included work with Luyuan Fang and Tao Li on optimization neural networks, with Agus Rahardja and Arcot Sowmya on face recognition using feedforward networks, and on handwritten character recognition using a conventional front-end to preprocess the image, then a NN recognizer. For details, see optimization / face recognition / character recognition publications.

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