Assessment Goof-Ups to Avoid

A guide for academic staff in the School of Computer Science & Engineering, UNSW. [Note: Based on UNSW Assessment Rules approved in 2002. These are under revision in 2008, and so some of the items below may change. Note written August 2008.] [Note added September 2009: the Academic Board approved a new assessment policy in November 2008. New assessment procedures based on the new policy were, I understand, to be developed by appropriate people in the Chancellery. I have not been able to find assessment procedures on the UNSW website lately, so I am unable to update this page. This page should thus be viewed as obsolete, but the principles embodied herein should generally still be valid.]

Course Outline (including Assessment Plan) Must Be Available by the start of Week 0
The Assessment Plan Must Not Be Changed after Week 1
Classes Must Not Be Held, nor Assignments etc. Due after Week 14
Examinations/quizzes Worth 20% or More of the Final Mark Must Not Be Held in Week 14
Students Must Receive Feedback on their Progress By Mid-Session
Students Must Receive Complete Information about Assessment in the Course Outline
Final marks and Thesis Marks must be returned by the deadline each session

See also the School of Computer Science & Engineering Grievance Page, particularly if you are a student who has found this page.
This page was originally written and is now sporadically mantained by Bill Wilson.

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