Extra Lab Questions for COMP9814 Extended Artificial Intelligence

  1. Write a Prolog procedure vector_access(Vector, Position, Value) to access the Nth item in a Vector and return it as Value. Assume that the vector is represented as a list.

    What does your code do if N the length of the Vector? What should it do?

  2. Write a Prolog procedure matrix_access(Matrix, Row, Column, Value) to access the M,Nth item in a Matrix and return it as Value. Assume that the matrix is represented as a list of lists.

  3. Write a Prolog procedure vector_dot_product(Vector1, Vector2, Product) to form the inner or dot product of Vector1 and Vector2 and return the result as Product. Assume that both vectors are represented as lists of numbers.

    What does your code do if the two vectors are of different lengths? What should it do in this case?

  4. Write a Prolog procedure matrix_transpose(Matrix, Transpose) to transpose a Matrix, returning a copy of the transposed matrix as Transpose. Again assume list of lists representation for the Matrix.

  5. What happens if you apply atom_chars to a list of digit characters like ['1', '7, '2'] ? Can you add 1 to the result, using is?
    Now try the same experiment, but using number_chars in place of atom_chars.
    Finally, look up number_chars using ?- help(number_chars). in SWI Prolog.

Solutions are/will be here when available.

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