[UNSW] COMP9414: Artificial Intelligence ["SCSE"]

Sample Problems on Uncertain Reasoning

  1. Suppose we have the following rule R1:

    if (P1 and P2 and P3) or (P4 and not P5 then C1 (0.7) and C2 (-0.5)

    and the certainty factors of P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 are as follows:

    CF(P1) = 0.8,
    CF(P2) = 0.7,
    CF(P3) = 0.6,
    CF(P4) = 0.9,
    CF(P5) = -0.5,

    What are the certainty factors associated with conclusions C1 and C2 after using rule R1?

  2. The final answers to the previous question are CFR1(C1) = 0.42 and CFR1(C2) = -0.3. Suppose that we have, from another rule R2, the following certainty factors for C1 and C2:

    CFR2(C1) = 0.7,
    CFR2(C2) = -0.4

    What are the certainty factors associated with C1 and C2 after combining the evidence from rules R1 and R2?

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