COMP9414/9814 Artificial Intelligence

Review Questions on Natural Language Processing

Topics: Semantic Interpretation

This is a voluntary quiz to help you decide whether you have understood some of the major concepts from this topic. It carries no marks.

  1. What is the idea of a lambda expression? Why does this make it good for representing VPs?

  2. How would you represent the VP "submit the assignment" using a lambda-expression?

  3. Apply your lambda-expression from the previous question to the NP whose logical form is pro(y1, you), and perform lambda-reduction.

  4. Write lexicon entries for the word "will" as an auxiliary, as a verb (as in For some reason, he decided to will to his poodle Fido his collection of vintage socks) and as a noun.

  5. What is the purpose of a var feature?

  6. What would be a plausible logical form for the PP "from Coogee"?

  7. If the logical form for "bought a farm" is lambda(X, past(buy1)(e4, X, a(f1, farm1))) what would be a plausible logical form form for "have bought a farm"? What about "must have bought a farm"?

  8. When do you need to use =.. to construct a term in a rule?

Solutions: don't read until you've tried the questions yourself!

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