COMP9414/9814 Artificial Intelligence

Review Questions on Natural Language Processing

Topics: Features and Augmented Grammars; Semantics and Logical Form

This is a voluntary quiz to help you decide whether you have understood some of the major concepts from this topic. It carries no marks.

  1. The subcat feature for verbs may take values like none, np, vp:inf, and np_vp:ing. Define each of these and find example of each, either without looking at the lecture notes, or after looking at the lecture notes but giving examples that are different from the ones the lecture notes.

  2. Write an augmented grammar rule for a VP whose head verb subcategorises np_vp:ing.

  3. What can the head subconstituent of a noun phrase be?

  4. Using the extended chart-parsing technique illustrated in lectures, parse the sentence Time flies, and show why the ill-formed sentence *Time fly cannot be parsed. Assume grammar rules S → NP VP, VP → V, NP → N, and use the agr feature. Time is an N and fly and flies are Vs.

  5. What are the components of the logical form language described in lectures?

  6. From what sentence might the following logical form come?
    eat1(E2,agent[name(M2, 'Mary')],
      theme[the(P1, pizza1>)],
      at-loc[a(R1, restaurant1>)])

  7. What is a speech act?

  8. Write down the logical form for Who gave you the flu?

Solutions: don't read until you've tried the questions yourself!

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