COMP9814: Extended Artificial Intelligence

Extension Revision Exercises - Prolog, Natural Language Processing, IAC

These exercises are presented in the form of a partial sample exam. They cover the material lectured by Bill Wilson.
They only cover the extension material. You should also refer to the COMP9414 sample exam.
See also the exam cover sheet - linked on the class lecture notes page.

Prolog, Knowledge Representation, Natural Language Processing, IAC

  1. Prolog programming

    1. Briefly explain the concept of memoization, and its relation to the predicates assert and asserta.

    2. What is the output of the following query?
             ?- functor(owns(jim, book(author(joanna, rowling),
                               title("Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"))),

    3. Given the following facts and rule:
             likes(mary, pizza).
             likes(mary, curry).
             likes(john, beer).
             likes(john, pizza).
             is_liked(X) :- likes(_, X).
      what is the output of the following queries?
      1. ?- setof(X, is_liked(X), List1).
      2. ?- findall(X, likes(_, X), List2).

  2. Natural Language Processing

    1. Write down the approximate formula for computing the probability of a sentence w1, w2, …, wT given a tag sequence C1, C2, …, CT.

    2. Describe, with an NLP example, a Markov chain. What would you need to add to your Markov chain in order to have a Hidden Markov model?

  3. IAC Briefly describe an Interactive Activation and Competition (IAC) network, paying attention to:

    1. competitive pools

    2. inhibitory and excitatory connections

    3. the output function of a unit in an IAC net.

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