Current Research Interests

My current research interests are in applying category theory and relational algebra in aspects of cognitive modelling. Ideally, prospective PhD students wanting to work with me should have a background that covers the following:

  1. mathematics: know what a pullback is (or failing that know what is a topological space, a monoid, and an endomorphism);
  2. psychology: have taken a course on human cognition or cognitive development; and
  3. computer science: either have written a computer program of ≥500 lines that does something with matrices with floating point entries, or understand functors and monads in functional programming.
If you have done (a) and either (b) or (c) you've got a reasonable chance. I may be broadening this somewhat in a few months, in the general direction of neural networks (e.g. cognitive applications of self-organising maps).

Here is information on UNSW Postgraduate Research Scholarships.

More details on my research interests are at the link below:

Old Research Projects

I might possibly supervise a project on tensor product networks or self-organising maps. These are types of artificial neural networks: if you found this page when you were looking for computer networks, they're different: Neural Networks ≠ Computer Networks. I do not do research in Computer Networks.

I do not plan to supervise any further research students in the following areas:


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