Some Burton Hall People 1966-71

Les Anderson currently (2003) managing a shop in Canberra
Andrew Bowman 3 children, lecturer at CIT, Canberra
Steve Christiansen currently (2003) producing a TV show
Jon Glazier Counsel, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, USA 2 children, married to Beth, jon at (home) and jonathan.glazier at (work)
Jo Hennock Became a librarian. Two children.
Terry Lonergan Secondary school teacher, then pig farmer. One son. Died, after a long struggle with MS, in Sept 2009.
Helen McCallum Buddhist nun when last heard from (1975)
Iain McCalman Director, Humanities Research Centre, ANU - Iain.McCalman at Federation Fellow
Diana McManus Currently (2009) working as a teacher in Papua New Guinea.
Brendon Moore lives in Sydney, lawyer with National Native Title Tribunal, 1 son
Phil Moors Director of Melbourne Botanic Gardens - pmoors at
Harry Oldmeadow Academic, School of Arts & Education, Latrobe University, Bendigo
David Shirra Still extant, but whereabouts unknown
Bob Warner A director of Centre for International Economics, in Canberra, married to Maureen, 3 children

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