6OC - 1960, Eastwood Public School Names are below, if known or even vaguely half-remembered. 5OC photo

6OC - 1960, Eastwood Public School

Back row: Graham Bradley, ? Allen, Rod Kefford, Peter Bourne, Y1, P. Daniels*, Peter Donald, Rob Tickell, Ken Lovell
Second back row: Ken Ringrose, Kevin Murphy, Fred Gray, Geoff Smith, Paul Bosman, David Costello, Bill Twyman, Bill Burvill, Keith Sanders
Second row from front: ?Wayne Fletcher?, Ron Bowditch, ?Ian McLean, Phil Driver, Phillip Rowney, Con Reed, Bob Desiatnik, Jon Knight, Gordon Kelty, Bill Wilson, Robert Day
Front row: Y3, Hugh Comins, Ian Goldsworthy, Andrew Podger, Iain Couper, ?Graham Jones, Warwick Prowse
Absent: Richard Downes
Teacher: Lionel E. Phelps

* or, according to one opinion, Chris Daniels

West Ryde and Marsden class photos

What I know of the subsequent careers of class members

Thanks to Ken Lovell, Bob Desiatnik, Gordon Kelty, Robert Pick, and Bill Twyman for help with names and stories.
If I've mis-identified you or mis-spelled your name, or if you don't want your name to appear, please let me know.

Bill Wilson

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