Marsden High School, NSW: 5A, 1965

Names are below, if known.
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Class photo for 5A, 1965

Back row: Frank Carter, Elizabeth Brand, Robyn Atkinson, Margaret Bosley, Lesley Dixon, Barbara Dumas, Marisa Pearson, Robert Stuart.
Middle row: Livio la Greca, David Paulson, Bernard Reiher, Peter Manuel, Keith Sanders, Edward Reimer, Robert Dyer, Bill Wilson, Douglas Harding.
Front row: Christine Colville, Christine Slingsby, Denise Prince, Jennifer Williams, Barbara Wood, Susan Gibson, Sheralie Wood, Elizabeth Liddell.
Absent: Margaret Warwick
Visitors: Frank Carter and Robert Dyer - being in lots of class photos was a popular sport.

Larger version: click here (448K).

Thanks to Denise Tauber (née Prince) for help with the names, and to Bob Morgan for the identity of one of the "visitors".
If I've mis-identified you or mis-spelled your name, or if you don't want your name to appear, please let me know.

Do you have the Marsden class photo for 5D in 1965?
If so, I'd be glad to link it near this page, ... particularly if you can help identify the people in it! Similarly for year 4/1964, year 3/1963, year 2/1962, and year 1/1961 class photos. If you're not in a position to scan it/them yourself, you could call me/e-mail me (see below) and see if we can figure out a way.

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