West Ryde Public School, NSW: 1Y, 1955

Names are below, if known.     More photos: 2A | 3A boys | 3H4H girls | 4A boys | 4th girls | 5A boys | 6OC girls
Class photo for 1Y, 1955

Top row: Chris Mobbs, ?Wayne something, Ian Pickup, Geoff Brennan, Ian McGregor, Colin Muir, Max Porter, Robert Conway, Ken Graves
Next-to-top row: Margaret Aylmer?, X1, Christine Price, Helen Garland, Charmaine Richardson, Margaret Senior, Lesley Dixon, Denise Prince, Brenda Cooper
Next-to-bottom row: Cheryl Austin, Ann James, Judith Gardner, Sylvia..??, Maya Geerling, Marilyn Guy, Vanessa ?, Patricia Bingham?, Sandra Forsyth, Christine Beadle
Bottom row: Craig Leroy, Greg Wann, Graham Jenner, Alan Thomas, Bill Wilson, ?Chris Strang, Tony Farrow, Karl Bruce, Kevin Murphy
Teacher: (not shown) Ms Yansen
Thanks to Denise Tauber (née Prince) and Barry Ridge for help with putting names to faces.

If I've misidentified you or mis-spelled your name, or if you can identify some of those I can no longer recall, of if you don't want your name to appear, please let me know (contact info below).

Eastwood and Marsden class photos

Bill Wilson

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