how to make your own board and pieces

(1) first read the terms and conditions
(2) choosing either U.S. Letter or A4 paper as appropriate, print 3 copies of the center and 6 copies of the flap directly onto stiff white paper or thin cardboard
(3) cut along the dotted lines and join with sticky tape underneath, making sure the squares line up neatly
(4) print one copy of the pieces and photocopy it onto cardboard sheets of 6 different colors from your local stationery store, copy shop or art department
(5) cut the pieces out and assemble them with sticky tape - in addition to the king, queen, duchess, fortress, wizard and knight there are 2 rooks (lower left), 2 bishops (lower right) and 5 pawns (below king)
(6) don't forget to print the rules as well

U.S. Letter (Postscript)

  • A4 (Postscript)

  • Acrobat (PDF)

  • center.pdf
  • flap.pdf
  • pieces.pdf

  • Copyright © 1984-1996 by Alan Blair. Terms & Conditions