Blown to Blazes and Other Works of J.B. Blair

Edited and published by David Blair, Sydney, 2007.
317 pages, A4 size, 90 drawings by artists, 24 titles in artwork, 10 photographs. Available in hardback and paperback editions.
ISBN: 9780980399707 (hbk.); 9780980399714 (pbk.)
Publication date: 10 December 2007.

An anthology containing 57 short stories and essays, and five shorter pieces, by J.B. (Jim) Blair, originally published in the 1930s to 1950s, mainly in The Bulletin. Humour abounds amid themes that include science fiction, human nature in action, adventures of the Noyse family, whimsical ideas for making the fame or fortune of the characters, and many more. The 100 illustrations are the original artwork by acclaimed illustrators such as Unk White. Contains much commentary including related Bulletin history. A volume of Bulletin nostalgia!

Detail: Included are comments relating Noyse family events to real Blair family events, biographies of Jim and Phyllis Blair, a story and an article written by Phyllis, a general introduction to the stories, explanatory comments, a description of Jim's books and a list of the works of Jim and Phyllis.

Among the many themes, titles and characters are: an invention that brings back voices from the past, a new twist on cheating in horse-racing, Blown to Blazes (a forerunner to the age of artificial satellites), The Strip Stroll (Sydney's Lord Mayor is persuaded to stroll naked from Central to the Quay), The Lost Tram, a hilarious game of cricket, and Dreamy Bentwhistle, who forgets everything. And there are a few stories on the serious side of life.

The original illustrators include Unk White, John Frith, Norman Hetherington and Percy Lindsay.

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