David Blair

Retired Physicist
Honorary Associate, School of Geosciences, University of Sydney


David Graham Blair was born in Sydney in 1939. He was educated at Fort Street Boys High School and the University of Sydney. He gained a PhD from that university for work in theoretical solid state physics. The period 1965-74 was spent in Canada as a postdoctoral fellow at two universities. For 1974-90, David was on the academic staff of the University of Technology, Sydney. He was a senior research scientist at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, 1990-2002, where he was a leading member of a team that developed a high-resolution sonar. Following his 2002 retirement, David did pro bono research on sonar and related acoustics, on a part-time basis, until his "second retirement" in 2011. For most of this time he was an honorary associate in the University of Sydney Institute of Marine Science. Living in Sydney, he is married with two sons and three grandchildren.

More about David: davidgrablair.wordpress.com

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