Seminar series on probabilistic semantics

Carroll Morgan

Lunchtimes, 1pm to 2pm in the week 16-20 August 2004.
Seminar room 201B, CSE (mostly).

PDF files of the slides can be found as below:

  1. Summary and context.
  2. Probabilistic sequential program logic.
  3. Probabilistic loops.
  4. Examples.
  5. The underlying relational model.
  6. Almost-certain termination.
  7. Quantitative mu-calculus and two-player games.
(For one-slide-per-page versions, delete the "4up" from the pdf filename.)

There are seven sets of slides, but only five slots..!
Portions of the Summary will be bundled into Lecture1; and we will decide as we go what selection of topics to take from the remainder.