Haskell Style for LaTeX2e

Setting large pieces of code in verbatim is ugly and makes it difficult to uses subscripts or set comments in a proportional type face. On the other hand, the use of, for example, TeX's math mode requires additional macros to achieve proper kerning in multi-letter identifiers and to typeset application by juxtaposition. The Haskell style provides environments and macros that simplify setting Haskell programs in LaTeX. While the style is specifically geared towards Haskell, it should also be useful for other functional languages like ML or Nesl. The documentation of the style gives an impression of the look of the produced layout.


Get haskell-style-1.0e.tar.gz and install the file haskell.sty in any of your directories for LaTeX style files (or if you don't know any, copy it to wherever your document lives). Then, add \usepackage{haskell} to the preamble of your document.


Code set using this style may consume quite some of TeX's memory, especially when the code is heavily nested.

I also provide other Haskell-related software.

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