Installing IDoc

Short Summary

Simply type make to compile IDoc. Type make install to install IDoc.

NB: The make system requires GNU's make utility to work.

The Whole Story

The default installation location is /usr/local (i.e., the executable will be installed into /usr/local/bin). To change the installation location, invoke make as follows

% make PREFIX=<location> install

where <location> determines the installation directory (ie, if <location> is /home/chak, the executable will be copied to /home/chak/bin).

IDoc has been coded in pure Haskell 98, so it should work with any standards conforming Haskell system. There are two make variables that affect the Haskell system that is used for compilation:

HC -- determines the Haskell compiler to be used
HCFLAGS -- determines the command line options passed to the Haskell compiler

both variables can be set either in the Makefile or by invoking make thus:

% make HC=<compiler> HCFLAGS=<options>

with suitable values for <compiler> and code <options> (don't forget to put quotes around <options> if the string contains white space or characters that have a special meaning on the shell command line).

Hugs user can, instead of compiling the source code, simply execute it using runhugs. You need to make sure that both source files (IDoc.hs and GetOpt.hs) are were Hugs can load them.


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