The Last Scramble - Submitting that Thesis

Revised 2002

Ben Searle   Ph.D


          My Ph.D. Thesis

                  Field:   Organisational Psychology
Approach: Scientific research thesis
Timescale: Began March 1997, submitted December 2000, revisions June 2001
Document: Thesis about 300 pages long, not including 100 pages of appendicies
Processing: Written using Microsoft Word
Notes: Situational factors play important role

          Things I did that were Good

          Things I was Right Not to Do

          Things I did that were Bad

          Things I was Wrong Not to Do

                Before I began                 After I had finished

          Getting Started on the Thesis

                Summarise Answers to the Following:                 Map out the Structure of the Thesis

          Using Microsoft Word

          To Paper or not to Paper

                  I wrote three papers (January to May 2000) before starting my thesis. I received
feedback from one editor while writing the thesis and from another before
making thesis revisions.

          Remember you need to: