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I am visiting the UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering.

I have a Masters of Engineering Science in Remote Sensing from this University and a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physics from the University of Western Australia

My Masters Degree thesis "Digital Processing of Solar Images" (Abstract) convincingly demonstrates a wide range of image processing techniques for processing solar H-alpha and white light images.

Current doctoral research, in Computer Science includes computational and forensic linguistics, vocal analysis and the dynamics of micro-facial expression.

  Selected Publications:

P.S. McIntosh, R.J. Thompson and E. C. Willock [1992], "A 600-day periodicity in solar coronal holes" pp322-324, Vol 360, Nature.

P.S. McIntosh, E.C. Willock, and R.J. Thompson [1991], 'Atlas of Stackplots derived from Solar Synoptic Charts: Evolution of Large-Scale Magnetic Fields and Coronal Holes from H-alpha Synoptic Charts: 1966-87.' (Abstract), UAG Report 101, World Data Center A for Solar-Terrestrial Physics NOAA, E/GC2 325 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado 80303-3328 USA. National Academy of Sciences. 188 pages.

Voted 'Best Presentation' at the Pan-Sydney Area Workshop on Visual Information Processing, Sydney University, November 1996, for the paper "Visualising the Dynamics of Facial and Vocal Expression of Emotion".

  Research Interests:

  • Computer Perception of Images
  • Image Sequence Analysis and Processing
  • Forensic Analysis of Facial Expression
  • Speech Analysis and Computational Linguistics
  • Gesture and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Psychology of Personality Type
  • Detection of Deception
  • Solar Astronomy
  • Ionospheric Physics
  • Echolocation by Chiroptera

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