Cat Kutay
Research Engineer

Computer Science and Engineering

The University of New South Wales

ckutay at

Research Interest:

Simulation Games using Artificial Agents for Emergent Narratives

Web Services for online sharing and integration of multimedia-based knowledge using in cross-cultural training - Intertac system

Indigenous Technology - ICT for Knowledge Management and new approach for development of Engineering Solutions CITIES

Indigenous Knowledge online - language and story telling

Sustainable Engineering in management and technology

Group Learning Technologies - See InterNetEd system description and files 

Engineering and Design Process


Software Development


Tamogochi for Community learning of Renewable Energy see Information and Prototype

Language Learning from Dictionary database see Revolution System

2002 UNSW Engineering Faculty Grant for developing a Flexible Learning Environment
2004 Funding for Aboriginal language courses in schools
2006 Department of Aboriginal Affairs funding for language learning software development
2006 Federal Curriculum Unit funding for developing resources in Problem Based Learning for computing focusing on topics for Indigenous Students
2007-9 DCITA Grant to initiate Indigenous Language Institute in Sydney to develop IT resources and support teaching languages in schools
2008-9 DCITA and DAA grant to produce language learning games for schools
2009-10 AIATSIS Grant to produce oral history collection site and software tools.
2011 Community Service Grant to review Tacking Violence Program with Jumbunna, UTS
2009-11 Chief Investigator on ALTC Grant "Exploring Transformative Education in Indigenous Australian Studies".
2011-14 (extended) Project Officer and Software Developer on ALTC Grant "Indigenous online cultural teaching and sharing".
Sept 2012 Fellowship in Storytelling project in Portugal

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Pre 2000
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