Intelligent Environments

This project started as part of the Smart Internet Technology Cooperative Research Centre and has now migrated to the ARC Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems.

This is an extension of our work on conversational agents. The language developed for scripting dialogues was extended to handle multi-modal interaction. In addition, middleware, called MICA, was written to facilitate communication between agents in an intelligent environment.

Selected Publications

Gupta, A., Anastasakos, A. and Sammut, C. (2003). MMIF: A Modular Architecture for Multimodal Integration. In First Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Hyderabad, India.

Kadous, W. and Sammut, C. (2004). MICA: Pervasive Middleware for Learning, Sharing and Talking. In Perware'04: Middleware Support for Pervasive Computing Workshop at the 2nd Conference on Pervasive Computing