CogRob 2012

CogRob 2012

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Research in robotics has traditionally emphasized low-level sensing and control tasks including sensory processing, path planning, and manipulator design and control. In contrast, research in cognitive robotics is concerned with endowing robots and software agents with higher level cognitive functions that enable them to reason, act and perceive in changing, incompletely known, and unpredictable environments. Such robots must, for example, be able to reason about goals, actions, when to perceive and what to look for, the cognitive states of other agents, time, collaborative task execution, etc. In short, cognitive robotics is concerned with integrating reasoning, perception and action with a uniform theoretical and implementation framework.

The use of both software robots (softbots) and robotic artifacts in everyday life is on the upswing and we are seeing increasingly more examples of their use in society with commercial products around the corner and some already on the market. As interaction with humans increases, so does the demand for sophisticated robotic capabilities associated with deliberation and high-level cognitive functions. Combining results from the traditional robotics discipline with those from AI and cognitive science has and will continue to be central to research in cognitive robotics.


This workshop aims to bring together researchers involved in all aspects of the theory and implementation of cognitive robots, to discuss current work and future directions. While the emphasis of the workshop is on the methods and techniques developed in the field of AI, we welcome work in related cognitive science disciplines investigating computational/cognitive models of behavior. Also, we especially welcome discussions and demonstrations of implemented systems.


This will be a two-day workshop that will comprise of several sessions including presentations of research papers, position papers, and posters. The workshop will also include discussion panels and a session for live system demonstrations, providing an opportunity to showcase and discuss emerging technologies.


Attendance at this workshop is open to all interested in the field, as well as authors of accepted papers. Those interested to attend who have not a paper to present, are encouraged to send a brief submission of interest to the workshop chairs before the event. We expect 25-50 attendees.

Previous Workshops

First International Cognitive Robotics Workshop (Orlando, Florida), held as part of the AAAI Fall Symposium 1998)
Second International Cognitive Robotics Workshop (Berlin, Germany), held in conjunction with ECAI-2000
Third International Cognitive Robotics Workshop (Edmonoton, Canada); held in conjuncion with AAAI-2002
Fourth International Cognitive Robotics Workshop (Valencia, Spain); held in conjunction with ECAI-2004
Fifth International Cognitive Robotics Workshop (Boston, Massachusetts); held in conjunction with AAAI-2006 (
Sixth International Cognitive Robotics Workshop (Patras, Greece); held in conjunction with ECAI-2008 (
Seventh International Cognitive Robotics Workshop (Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany), 2010 (

CogRob-2012 Held in Conjunction with AAAI-2012

CogRob 2012