RDR Software

In often a good idea to use available software rather than write your own.  But I don't think this is the case with RDR.  The core algorithms are extremely simple  and what takes more effort is an appropriate front end and interfacing to other systems - all of which are pretty application-specific.  All of my PhD students have developed their own RDR engines, which has given them greater control over their projects. 

However, sometimes the extremely simple RDR ideas can seem counter intuitive, and you can get a better idea of them if you can play with a system.  Excel_RDR is a set of RDR algorithms in VBA using Excel as the user interface.  These programs are not meant for large scale projects, but simply as a way of getting to play with RDR.  Some UCIrvine data sets are included, and some papers.  The source code is not protected, but I would strongly advise potential users, not to use this code as a start for their own project, as the code is terrible; just use it to understand how RDR works.

Download Excel_RDR (current version 0.865 updated 31/3/21)  From 0.82 on access to personal macro workbook is not required.  The knowledge bases come with a few rules already added for the Zoo data set.  A number of bugs have been fixed, but no doubt others remain.  Please let me know of any bugs you come across (p.compton@unsw.edu.au). 

Other RDR software:

Other RDR software has been available previously, but as suggested above, it is probably best to develop your own RDR.  The RDR algorithms are pretty straightforward to implement - the greater challenges are appropriate interfacing.

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