COMP1011 Assignment 2 - 05s2
Computing 1A 05s2 Last updated Wed 26 Oct 2005 13:28

Getting the files

Download Source Code

The assignment source code can be downloaded here as a gzipped tarball:


Unpacking on Unix

To unpack the files type:

flute01% tar xzf ass2-1011-stubs.tar.gz

Unpacking on Windows

Some popular compression/archiving programs that can unpack the file on Windows machines are PowerArchiver 6.1 (freeware), 7-zip (freeware) or WinZip (commercial).

Binary Code to Run Non-bonus Solutions

The bonus part of the assignment comprises the development of three functions in the module RayTrace, which are required to run the complete ray tracer. To test non-bonus solutions, you will need a complete implementation of RayTrace. We cannot provide such a complete implementation in source form (as to not spoil the fun of those who attempt the bonus part). Hence, we below provide binary versions of RayTrace (consisting of an interface file and an object file). Download the two files for your operating system and copy them into the directory in which your ray tracer sources are located. GHC will use these binaries automatically (provided the time stamp on the binary files is more recent than the time stamp on RayTrace.hs; i.e., you'll have to copy the binaries again if you modify RayTrace.hs, or use the Unix touch command to give them a recent time stamp).

OS Interface file Object file
CSE Linux RayTrace.hi RayTrace.o
Windows RayTrace.hi RayTrace.o

Please let us know if anybody requires the binaries for Mac OS X.