COMP1011 Assignment 2 - 05s2
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Every time you work at your assignment solution document what you did and what the outcomes where in your assignment diary. The diary must be a plain text file called diary.txt. Create and edit it in Xemacs, or some other text editor, not with some word processing software. The file must be saved in ASCII format.

Although this part of the assignment is assessable, but should also help you. Writing down how you plan to design something and problems you encountered along the way can be of enormous benefit in arriving at a working solution. As such, you should not write this document at the very end. Not only will it show, you will also have missed out on any benefit it might have provided.


You must submit your assignment by 31 October, 11:00AM.

If you wish to submit a regular assignment late, you may do so, but the maximum available mark for late assignments is reduced by 10% per day for up to five days. Assignments that are more than 5 days late will be awarded zero marks. So if your assignment is worth 85% and you submit it one day late you still get 85%, but if you submit it two days late you get 80%, and so on.

Bonus submissions may not be submitted late; i.e., no bonus submissions will be accepted after the deadline.

Assignment extensions are only awarded for serious and unforeseeable events. Having a cold for a few days, deleting your assignment by mistake, going on holiday, going abroad, work commitments, etc do not qualify. Therefore aim to complete your assignments before the due date in case of last minute illness, and make regular backups of your work. We cannot stress this last point enough. "Regular backups" does not mean every few days - it should be done after every significant change to your code. No extension will be granted without a fully documented submission for special consideration at the Student Centre.

Remember that we check for plagiarism (i.e., copied code and team work) and there are serious penalties. See the CSE Plagiarism Guidelines.


Your solution should be submitted using the give command. Type the following at the unix command line:

give cs1011 ass2 PpmWriter.hs World.hs diary.txt

Bonus ONLY: If you like to submit a solution to the bonus task, you can do so with

give cs1011 ass2_bonus RayTrace.hs


Automarking (functionality)9
Subjective (style & structure) 4
Bonus ONLY:  6

It is a generally accepted software engineering principle that it is not simply enough for a program to be understood by the machine; it must also be human readable. For the subjective part of the marking we will be awarding marks for programs that have good comments, useful names, and good decomposition and overall design. Good decomposition practices are things such as placing repeatedly used computations in where clauses and breaking complex functions up into calls to small, less complex functions. Source files should also be no wider than 80 characters.

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