COMP1011 Exercises for Week 10
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Lab Exercises Week 10


Ex 1:

You are given the following (incomplete) modules: ADB_UserInterface.hs, AddressBook.hs (this is the Main module), AddressDB.hs, and Database.hs. Fill in the missing parts in the module AddressBook.hs of the address book application.

When you have completed the above exercises show them to your tutor for this week's core mark.

Ex 2:

Add a new use case to the address book application: as an additional option, the user can edit an exisiting address. The address can be selected in the same way as in the 'delete' use case. The user should not have to enter those data fields again which won't be changed.

Start by designing the dialogue. Which modules have to be changed, which functions added? Then, implement the necessary changes.

When you have completed the above exercise show it to your tutor for this week's advanced mark.