COMP1011 Exercises for Week 03
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Tute Exercises Week 3

Basic Control Structures & Data Types

When implementing the functions outlined below, make sure that you follow the Five Steps to Designing and Implementing a Function from the lecture.

  1. Sort two numbers

    Implement a function

    sort2 :: Int -> Int -> (Int, Int)

    that given two numbers returns a pair where the smaller of the two numbers is the first and the larger one the second component.

  2. Computing Interest on an Account

    The interest rates for a savings account are as follows: Write a function that computes the yearly interest for a given amount of money.

    After an initial implementation without a where clause rewrite the definition to use a where clause to avoid the repeated statement of shared subcomputations.

  3. Colour points

    Assume the definition of colour points from the lecture:
    type Colour      = String
    type ColourPoint = (Int, Int, Colour)

    1. Implement a function

      changeColour :: ColourPoint -> Colour -> ColourPoint

      that changes the colour of a colour point to the given value.

    2. Implement a function
      equalPos :: ColourPoint -> ColourPoint -> Bool
      that checks if two color points have the same position.

  4. Lists Versus Tuples

    Why didn't we define

    type Point = [Int]

    in the lecture, but used a tuple instead?