Week 12B

Course Review1/18

Goal: for you to become competent C programmers

Requires an understanding of:

Assessment Summary2/18

From Course Outline:

labs   = mark for labs        (out of 10)
quiz1  = mark for quiz 1      (out of 5)
quiz2  = mark for quiz 2      (out of 15)
ass    = mark for assignment  (out of 15)
exam_w = mark for written part of final exam (out of 20)
exam_c = mark for coding part of final exam  (out of 35)

mark   = labs + quiz1 + quiz2 + ass + exam_w + exam_c

To pass the course, you must achieve:

... Assessment Summary3/18

Check your results

prompt$ 1921 classrun -sturec

Final Exam4/18

Goal: to check whether you are competent C programmers

Requires you to demonstrate:

Labs, tutes and assignment have built you up to this point.

... Final Exam5/18

3-hour exam on Tuesday 08th November

9am-12noon,   be there at 8:45

Held in CSE labs   (allocations posted on web site)

20 (out of 55) based on Written Part   (written on exam paper)

35 (out of 55) based on Practical Part   (done online)

Maximum time for Written Part: 1 hour   (may return written exam early)

Minimum time for Practical Part: 2 hours

... Final Exam6/18

Theory Part (aka "Written Exam")

... Final Exam7/18

Practical Part (aka "Prac Exam")

... Final Exam8/18

The exam is carried out in the CSE exam environment  (like the quizzes)

Resources not available during exam: Resources available during exam:

Sample Prac Exam Question9/18

  • Write a program sublist.c that


    prompt$ ./sublist 4 2
    Enter a number: 5
    Enter a number: 6
    Enter a number: 7
    Enter a number: 8
    Enter a number: 6
    Enter a number: 7
    5->6->7->8 contains 6->7
    prompt$ ./sublist 3 2
    Enter a number: 70
    Enter a number: 80
    Enter a number: 90
    Enter a number: 80
    Enter a number: 70
    70->80->90 does not contain 80->70

    Sample Multiple Choice Questions10/18

    Revision Strategy11/18

    Supplementary Exams12/18

    You can apply formally for special consideration

    If you attend an exam


    Assessment is about determining how well you understand the syllabus of this course.

    If you can't demonstrate your understanding, you don't pass.

    In particular, we don't pass people just because ...

    ... Assessment14/18

    Of course, assessment isn't a "one-way street" ...

    Please fill it out ...

    The aim of CATEI is to improve courses

    Summing Up ...

    So what was the Real Point?16/18

    The aim was for you to become a better programmer

    Where to from here?17/18

    If you're interested in doing more COMP study ...

    COMP1927 introduces a wider range of data structures
      (and techniques to analyse their asymptotic performance)

    COMP2911 introduces OO design and Java
      (core in modern IT)

    Other possibilities: COMP3311 Database Systems, COMP3331 Computer Networks, COMP3411 Artificial Intelligence, ...

    Finally ...18/18

    T h a t ' s    A l l    F o l k s

    Good Luck with the Exams

    and with your future computing studies

    Produced: 19 Oct 2016