How to submit and collect your assignment via the CSE give system

    To submit your assignment you have to login into the CSE system. You must make the current working directory contain all of the files to be submitted. In other words, place all files for submission in one directory and cd to that directory.
  1. To submit your files:
  2. In general, use: give <class> <assignment's name> [files...] For assignment 1 this is: give cs2011 hw1 [] All words must be precisely as shown, including upper and lower case distinctions. are your optional java files
  3. Check if you have submitted successfully:
  4. Enter: 2011 for 2011 students This will give you a new shell, which looks like: (COMP2011)% From the new shell enter: (COMP2011)% classrun -check hw1 To exit from the shell enter: exit It is in your own interest to check if you have successfully submitted and report to your tutor or the course admin if there is a problem. Finally, note that you may submit multiple times, but only your final submission will be marked. Make sure your last submission is not late; if it is, you will receive the late penalty, even if you made earlier submissions.
  5. When your assignment is marked you can collect it:
  6. General format: (COMP2011)% classrun -collect assignment collect ass1 : (COMP2011)% classrun -collect hw1
  7. Check your mark:
  8. (COMP2011)% classrun -sturec
  9. General help:
  10. (COMP2011)% classrun ?

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