12/06/06 A page of model answers to the three questions in Assignment 2 are now provided for review purpose. 01/06/06 Additional consultations will be scheduled from the week of 12 June. See Consultations below. 31/05/06 Please read announcement re examination below. 20/05/06 Last lecture is on Monday 5 June. Last tutorials are in the week beginning 29 May. 08/05/06 If you wish to request a special consideration please read the item below on the procedure to be followed. 06/05/06 Please note that the lecture slide numbers do not reflect lecture sequences as from last week. The rearrangment has been made so that material relevant to assignment 3 can be covered in time for you to begin work on it. The lecture slides have obvious titles that signify their content, so look for them. 04/05/06 Assigment 1 marks will have one test corrected to reflect the specs, and anyone who was wrongly marked for that test will have it fixed. The worry about the marks being counted as out of 12 rather than 10 is misplaced. Marks for this assignment are out of 10 whatever the display says. We checked this, and the bonus parts were actually given marks above the normal ones. On other matters arising from mail to cs2011.hw2, most did not warrant answers to be posted to the FAQ. They all seem to be the kind of questions that can be quickly resolved at a tutorial. So, for hw3 can you please raise such questions early at the tutorials, as we have noticed that the nature of many questions indicate very late starts on assignments and non-attendance at lectures or tutorials. 28/04/06 Please read the posting in red below on Assignment/Exam weights. 04/04/06 The FORUM postings are not to be taken as authoritative. Watch the FAQs for that. Also, the FORUM is not to be misused for stream-of-consciousness musings, nor broad unfocussed gripes. It is meant for you to educate one another on TOPICS RELEVANT TO THE COURSE MATERIAL. 30/03/06 Marking of assmt 1 will have 20% of the marks for style. 27/03/06 Ignore any current tests that conflict with the decisions below. In the actual test data that we will use for marking the decisions will be respected. 26/03/06 Re the definitions on progressions for assignment 1 I have asked mathematicians if progressions like [2 2 2 2 2] are arithmetic or geometric, and the answer is that by definition "yes". However they add that by convention if one says a progression is arithmetic or geometric the assumption will be that the sequence is either monotonic increasing or decreasing. So, for this assignment, if the test data we use is a constant sequence of numbers, the answers "arithmetic", "geometric", "constant", or no classification will all be acceptable. 23/03/06 Announcements on Assignment 1: For assignment 1, everyone should note that we will stick to conventional maths definition. I.e. Quadratic progression can't have zero as the leading coeffiecient (a can't be 0, otherwise it's not Quadratic). Also for Geometric progression, r can not be 1. We will not test your code on trivial cases such as when r = 1 for geometric progression. 10/03/06 Mea culpa! In the offline transparencies I wrote today I said that to show f(n) is O(g(n)) it suffices to show lim f(n)/g(n) = 0. In fact it should be lim f(n)/g(n) = c for some constant c (and 0 is one possibility). What is true is that if c is 0 then f(n) is O(g(n)) but not the the reverse. Thanks to the student who came up after the lecture to ask about this. If anyone detects errors of statements in lectures, please alert me quickly; I am sometimes careless and will be grateful for corrections. 28/02/06 Students with timetable clashes and need a waiver, please see me at the end of this Friday's lecture and I will sign it once I check that the request is reasonable. 27/02/06 Welcome to COMP2011/2711 semester 1 2006. Professor Norman Foo is your instructor. The tutors will be named soon. This is the last time that 2011/2711 are being offered. New courses take their place from S2 on. 2711 students share lectures with 2011, but are expected to master the material to greater depth and possibly to do additional parts of assignments. The 2711 final examination will be slightly different from 2011.
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