COMP2011/2711   Data Organisation   Semester 1, 2006

   10-11, Monday, Central Lecture Block7 
   10-12 Friday, Mathews Theatre A
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Congratulations to the Authors of the 10 Best Optimised Submissions of Assignment 3 !

Top 10 Assginment 3 Performances
Student NameImprovement over
MST Benchmark
Benjamin Kalman99
Xin Liang73
Yuk Kwan Steven Wong57
Toby Hetherington52
Jimmy Duong28
Melody Xiaoxuan Wang27
David Sullivan27
Felix Yanzen Tjung24
Lupco Blazeski22
Kin Pong Au Yeung22
In accordance with UNSW privacy provisions, Assignment 3 Specifications had required that students who do not agree to have their names published must email to inform the course administration so, and if a student did so and ranks in Top 10 Assignment 3 Performances, his/her name would have been replaced by the place holder anonymous here.

Special considerations -- Lecturer in charge is now Dr Alan Blair

We have received a number of requests for special consideration. University policy on such requests for consideration due to misadventure or illness should be consulted and followed. We are not permitted do this informally.
However, if the difficulty affects only one assignment, while it is still necessary to complete your request on the standard form, after completion submit it with all relevant documentation to the Student Center in a sealed envelope marked Comp2011 : Dr Alan Blair, School of Computer Science and Engineering.
Difficulties that affect more than one assignment must follow the procedure in the cited URL.

Aims and Course Outline

This course covers elementary Java applied to the data structures and associated algorithms that are basic to computer science and information technology. It is the last semester that it is being offered. The curriculum re-design introduced new courses that incorporate similar content. The topic outline below is also the approximate lecture schedule spread over 13 weeks.
A pass or better in this course is a certification that you have the preparation for level 3XXX courses in computer science and IT as offered by this School that assume competence in elementary Java programming and intermediate data structures. Specialist 2711 topics.

Course Assessment

This will be based on three assignments and a final examination. The examinations for 2011 and 2711 will be slightly different, reflecting the additional topics for 2711. Assessment policies are outlined in the descriptions of each assignment. The respective assignments are nominally marked out of 10, 15, and 10. The final weighting ratio of assignments/examination will be chosen so that each student will get the better mark from either ratio of 35/65 or 30/70. You need NOT ask for this. It will be done automatically by the marks processing suite.

Instructors and Contact Information

The lecturer is Professor Norman Foo ( There are four tutors and three consultants: for details see the Tutors section below. All are reachable by e-mail with ids listed there. The administrator is Mr Krystian Ji, a graduate student.

Course and Assignment Questions

For general course questions please email
For questions specific to an assignment please email where X is 1, 2 or 3 according to the assignment.

Administrative and Personal Problems

For administration related questions including personal issues that may constitute extenuating circumstances, please email Professor Foo ( for a confidential appointment.

Lecture Slides

Java Code Examples

All code examples for lectures and tutorials will be published in this directory.

COMP2011/COMP2711 Forum

While you are encouraged to make use of this forum, please note that:


Standard UNSW and CSE policies on plagiarism apply. While you are encouraged to dicuss ideas with friends, to the extent of broad design structures, all coding in assignments must be your own. We use the very effective plagiarism detector on all submissions.

The individual assignments will appear here.

Assignment 1

Not all sublinks are acessible at the moment, but will be very soon.

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Examination Advice

No sample examination will be distributed. However the front pages of both 2011 and 2711 exams are available to show you the instructions and overall exam format, and you can also see three sample questions. Be warned that these questions do not necessarily indicate the depth of knowledge that the examination will explore. A good way to review material is by looking at the Tutorial questions for the entire semester, which is perhaps a better indication of the depth expected.

Examination Timetable for CSE courses.

Tutorial Exercises

Week: tute01-week02  tute02-week03  tute03-week04  tute04-week05  tute05-week06  tute06-week07  tute07-week08  tute08-week09  tute09-week10  tute10-week11  tute11-week12  tute12-week13 
Tutorial 12, week 13, is the last tutorial for the semester.


For the week of 6 June consultations are as before, i.e. Mon 14:00 NICTA -- Norman; Wed 14:00 NICTA -- Krystian; Thur 15:00 K17-204 -- Shai; Fri 14:00, NICTA -- Krystian. (Note change to venue for Thur.)

Beginning the week of 12 June, up to and including Tuesday 20 June there are more consultation hours; these consultations run for 1 hour from the times stated below, and will be held in either in K17-204 or in NICTA.

Mon 14:00 NICTA -- Norman
Tues 16:00 K17-204 -- Ka Shu
Wed 13:00 K17-204 -- Johan
Wed 14:00 NICTA -- Krystian
Thur 15:00 K17-204 -- Shai
Fri 14:00, NICTA -- Krystian
Fri 15:00, K17-204 -- Shai

How to get to NICTA.


Java Resources

Algorithm Resources

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