COMP2521 Sample Final Exam Data Structures and Algorithms
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Sample Final Exam

Questions: 8
Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours

Read all of the instructions below while you are waiting.
You will need to scroll the page to see all of the instructions.

About this Exam web-site:
  • the Instructions and the Questions use one browser tab
  • the C language material has
    its own browser tab, which will be created the first time
    that you click on the link
  • note: all of the files for the practical questions and the
    template files for the other questions were copied into
    your working directory when you logged in to the exam
  • your working directory should contain template files
    (q4.txt to q8.txt) and three subdirectories (q1, q2, q3)
    containing files for the prac questions
Important Note:
  • if you're looking at this exam, you are are not in the
    standard Exam environment, so some things are different
    to the instructions in these pages
  • you can download files for this sample exam below:

Start-of-Exam Instructions:
  • Switch off your laptop/phone.
  • Place all laptops/phones/etc. off the desk (preferably in a bag).
  • Place your student card on the desk.
  • Fill in your name/id on the cover of the exam booklet
  • Wait for the supervisor to tell you to start reading the questions.
End-of-Exam Instructions:
  • Stop typing when the supervisor tells you.
  • Log out from your workstation.
  • Take all of your belongings.
  • Hand your exam booklet to the supervisor as you leave.
General Instructions:
  • Answer all questions.
  • Questions may not be worth equal marks.
  • Questions may be answered in any order.
  • Answers must be submitted using the submit command
  • Each question contains instructions on using submit
  • all answers must be submitted online via the submit command

  • Calculators/textbooks/notes/phones/laptops are not permitted.
  • Calculator apps (e.g. bc, xcalc) are available on your workstation.
  • During the Exam, you must not
    • communicate with other students in any way
    • access any of your own files
    • access any web pages except those attached to this web site


  • Note that marks are awarded primarily for your solution algorithm,
    not just for getting the correct final answer.
  • For programming questions, you can only receive marks for a
    correctly-working program that compiles with no warnings.

End of instructions.