COMP3141 17s1 Assignment 1: Particles (20 marks)

Deadline: 30 April

Update history:

The details of the assignment are in a separate Assignment 1 specification.

Submission details

To submit the assignment execute,
give cs3141 Particles Simulation.hs Test.hs

Late submissions

Unless otherwise stated if you wish to submit an assignment late, you may do so, but a late penalty reducing the maximum available mark applies to every late assignment. The maximum available mark is reduced by 10% if the assignment is one day late, by 25% if it is 2 days late and by 50% if it is 3 days late. Assignments that are late 4 days or more will be awarded zero marks. So if your assignment is worth 88% and you submit it one day late you still get 88%, but if you submit it two days late you get 75%, three days late 50%, and four days late zero. Assignment extensions are only awarded for serious and unforeseeable events. Having the flu for a few days, deleting your assignment by mistake, going on holiday, work commitments, and so on do not qualify. Therefore aim to complete your assignments well before the due date in case of last minute illness, and make regular backups of your work. See also the course outline.


If you haven't done so, please read the section on Academic Honesty and Plagiarism in the course outline.
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