Software System Design and Implementation (18s1)


1 YOW! Night looking for volunteers

[2018-03-23 Fri]

Not really COMP3141 related, but in case anyone is interested. Melissa Loh, the organiser of YOW! Nights contacted me about an upcoming event on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Virtual and Augmented Reality and IoT, and working in the Cloud Computing space, for which they are looking for student volunteers. You can find out more here

2 Problems with Piazza?

[2018-03-16 Fri]

If the Piazza link doesn't work for you, try the following:

  1. Go to their sign up page
  2. click on Students Get Started, which should get you to the school search page
  3. Enter UNSW
  4. You should be on the course selection page now - enter COMP3141, join as student

3 Fixes to Quiz 2, Exercises

[2018-03-12 Mon 11:52]

Question 8 in the Week 2 Quiz had a minor bug where none of the answers were correct for non-Integer types. I've changed the question to fix the bug. Any of you who previously checked no boxes for Question 8 have had your answers retroactively changed such that you answered correctly.

I have also corrected a slight problem in the Week 3 Exercise, where the example picture used in the build instructions was not actually defined anywhere.

4 Exercises start this week

[2018-03-10 Sat]

For this week (Week 3) you should find the first weekly programming exercise. It must be completed by Sunday 18th March.

The quiz for Week 3 lectures will be available on Monday, and will be due at the end of Week 4.

5 Guest Lecture next week

[2018-03-07 Wed]

Next week, Thursday, we will have a guest lecture by Patrick Flanagan, Jane Street Capital

6 Haskell for Mac

[2018-03-07 Wed]

I sent out the registration keys to everyone who has replied to the email. Contact me in case you didn't receive one.

7 Whiteboard Notes

[2018-02-26 Mon 21:31]

Can be viewed via UNSW Sharepoint (OneNote)

8 Echo lecture recordings

[2018-02-26 Mon 21:03]

Should be available via Moodle now.

9 Haskell for Mac

[2018-02-26 Mon 15:22]

For Mac users: you can download Haskell for Mac now and start using it in trial mode. I'll send out an email soon with instructions of how to get the registration key.

10 Welcome to COMP3141

[2018-01-10 Wed 23:37]

Welcome to COMP3141 18s1! In this course we will be making extensive use of the Haskell programming language. See the page on Setting up Haskell for more information.

Lectures (and their associated quizzes) begin in Week 1, with programming exercises starting in Week 2.

2018-03-23 Fri 13:33

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