COMP3151/9154 Foundations of Concurrency
Term 2, 2021


1 Ed Forum

Johannes Åman Pohjola [2021-05-31 mån 20:22]

If you are enrolled in the course, you should have received an invite to the Ed Forum to your UNSW inbox. If you have not, check your spam filter. If it's not there either, send an email to as soon as possible and we can get it sorted.

The Ed forum will be the primary venue for discussion, and may also be used for announcements.

2 Welcome

Johannes Åman Pohjola [2021-05-24 mån 20:29]

Welcome to COMP3151/9154 Foundations of Concurrency. I, Johannes Åman Pohjola, will be teaching this course this term, after Dr. Liam O'Connor, Dr. Vladimir Tosic and Dr. Kai Engelhardt.

2021-08-05 tor 15:45

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