Important Information

Students enrolled in this course are expected to attend all classes.

Credit Value and Mode of Instructions

6UOC and 3L+1T/L

Supplementary exam

Supplementary exams will only be awarded in well justified cases, in accordance with School policy, not as a second chance for poor performance. In particular, it is unlikely that a supplementary will be awarded to students who have actually sat the proper exam. Supplementary exams will be oral. The supplementary final exam will be held after the written supplementary exams held for other courses.

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

UNSW has an ongoing commitment to fostering a culture of learning informed by academic integrity. All UNSW staff and students have a responsibility to adhere to this principle of academic integrity. Plagiarism undermines academic integrity and is not tolerated at UNSW. Plagiarism at UNSW is defined as using the words or ideas of others and passing them off as your own.
If you have not done so yet, please take the time to read the full text of

The pages below describe the policies and procedures in more detail:

Assessment Criteria

to be announced in 2019

Relation with Other Courses

  • Equivalent: COMP9153

Continual course improvement

Student feedback on this course, and on the lecturing in this course, will be gathered via questionnaires held at or after the end of the course. Student feedback is taken seriously, and continual improvements are made to the course based in part on this feedback. The course questionnaire results go to the Head of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, who reads the results and follows up in cases where action is clearly needed.

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