COMP[39]161 Concepts of Programming Languages
Semester 2, 2018

Course Schedule

Table of Contents

This is a tentative course schedule, which will evolve during the semester.

NOTE: I am putting up my lecture slides. However, these slides are not a complete representation of the material covered in the lectures, and they are no substitute for attending the lectures. I am supplying a lot of information during the lecture that is not on the slides (verbally, on the whiteboard, on the overhead projector, and by coding live). It is your duty to ensure that you are aware of and study that extra material by attending the lectures and making your own notes. The extra information that I supply in the lecture is examinable.

1 Lectures

Week Topic
1 Intro, Haskell
2 Natural Deduction, Proofs
3 Syntax, λ calculus
4 Semantics, Imperative Programming
5 MinHS, Midsession Exam
6 Abstract Machines, Environments
7 Properties, Type safety, Type theory
8 Polymorphism, Type Inference
9 Linear Types, Abstract Data Types
Midsemester Break  
10 Overloading and Subtyping, Parallelism
11 Concurrency, Critical Sections, MVars
12 STM
13 Revision

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