COMP[39]161 Concepts of Programming Languages
Semester 2, 2018

Links (Week 7)

Table of Contents

1 Monads

My favourite Monad tutorial, to understand Monads in Haskell, is Dan Piponi's "You could have invented monads!", located here:

Also, the Typeclassopedia is a good resource to understand the various abstractions built into the standard library, including monads:

2 Curry-Howard Correspondence

Philip Wadler has written a lovely, detailed exposition of the Curry-Howard correspondence between propositions and types in this very readable paper, located here:

He has also given a nice talk on the topic at Strange Loop in 2015:

3 Safety/Liveness properties

The proof that was the topic of the extension lecture in Week 7 was first given in this paper:

This paper proves that every property is the intersection of a safety and a liveness property. None of this is examinable, but it is very interesting.

Also, the proof is reasonably readable if you have some exposure to metric spaces or topology before.

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