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Last updated 18.06.04

Advanced Functional Programming [COMP4132]

Session 1, 2004

Lecture Notes

The following table contains the lectures slides in PostScript format.

Week Topic [Presenter]
2 & 3 Imperative Programming in a Functional Language [chak]
(See also Tackling the Awkward Squad.)
4 Compilation of Functional Languages [chak]
5 Generic Programming with Morphisms [rl]
6 An Introduction to Type Systems &
Technical Presentation [chak]
7 SSA & ANF [patrykz]
8 No Lecture (Anzac Day)
9 An Approach to Fast Arrays in Haskell (Slides) with partially outdated lecture notes [chak]
(See also Associated Types with Class.)
10 EDSLs, Meta Programming and Devil [sseefried]
Core in LF [sjw]
11 Generic Haskell [msle763] (Hardcopy available from chak)
WASH/CGI, Haskell and Diplomacy [tsewell]
12 GLider - 3D Programming with OpenGL [hnra275]
GUI Programming with wxHaskell [wlta543]
13 Graph Algorithms - A Generic Approach [roshanr]
A Comperative Study of Alternative Haskell Implementations of the Maximum Matching Problem [zhex900]
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