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S1 2008

COMP4411 Experimental Robotics - 08s1 Mid Session Demonstrations

The mid session demonstration gives your group an opportunity to describe your project and its goals as well as describing the issues you plan to address and what you have achieved so far. The demonstration is a compulsory part of the COMP4411 assessment and worth 10% of the final mark.


Each group is required to hand in a single hard copy and electronic copy of an interim report (maximum 2 pages), containing:

Each group will explain the above and demo progress during their allotted slot.

Note: An electronic copy of the report and the presentation should be emailed to cs4411@cse.unsw.edu.au.



                       COMP4411 Experimental Robotics 
                               Session 1 2008
                              Mid-Session Demos
                         TBA - Week 5
		 Location: K17 Level 1 Seminar Room (K17 113)

Group                                   Start Time      Stop Time


CS4411 (cs4411@cse.unsw.edu.au)